Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 questions

Played a game today which went down very well with 1B. It's simply a version of 'animal, vegetable, mineral', in which one person thinks of an object, and the other people ask 'yes/no' questions to try and work out what it is . I started it by having two sections to the board - 'objects', and 'characteristics'. I started the sections, and then students called out words to fill them out. I began the game by thinking of the first 'object' and each group of students (my class is divided into 4 groups) asked a question (is it orange? is is australian? is it an animal?, etc.). If the answer to their question is 'yes', the group gets another go. If it takes more than 10 questions, the person thinking of the object wins. After that, I got a student to guess the 'object', and the other students had to find out what it was. I ran it with only animals and plants as 'objects', and was about to add 'things' to make it harder, when the bell rang. I think it helps with vocabulary and asking questions.