Saturday, May 8, 2010

Numbers game for Basico students

I teach 5th - 8th grade Basico students, and many of my students, especially the 5th graders, have trouble with the numbers past 1-10, so I played this numbers game with one section of my 5th grade students last week and will be playing the game with more sections next week because they enjoyed the game and it helped with their pronunciation and learning numbers 1-100.

Write down numbers on the board:

1 10 11 6 17 80
2 20 12 7 18 90
3 30 13 8 19 100
4 40 14 9 60 25
5 50 15 16 70 33

Go through the pronunciation of the numbers with the class. Emphasize numbers that might sound confusing, like 16 and 60. Then make two teams and explain that the teacher will say a number out loud and they will have to race to the board and find the number and cross it off using a marker. (Here I had the student with the marker from each team raise their hand first from their seat after I called out the number, because if they ran to the board there was chaos and sometimes fighting). The student who gets it right scores a point for his/her team. Take turns until all students or most get a chance. The winning team might could get a small reward, but I just played the game for fun.

I brought up the ordinal numbers 1st-5th before playing the game because there is a similar game with ordinal numbers that I will be playing with my students after they master they cardinal numbers 1-100.

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  1. Good game. Will try it soon with some of my classes.