Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Lesson

This week all my classes are doing lessons on the countries that reached the final 16. They're discussing the countries, as found on these BBC profiles, in different levels of depth. They'll do a presentation next week on their country.


Things I am doing with these profiles:
primero: using the facts to ask of each other: what is the (population, area, laguage etc. ) of your country? and ´What is one historical fact?´

Secundo: I did this this thing where the class had to order the countries by population, GNI and life expectancy (which is very interesting, I think). The first class fell into a farce, as this was too complicated, so I got the second class to create a table using these measures (It turns into a lesson on reading out numbers). Wasn´t too bad, and finished with ´What coutry would you like to live in? Why?

tercero: asked each other about te facts, and then prepared for the presentation (2 sentececs about history, one about politics, one about culture of the country)

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