Saturday, August 7, 2010

Winter Camp Ideas

Hi peoples,

Ideas from the winter camp:

- Pictionary, in which students have to draw an action that the others have to guess. I did this in class with differing levels of difficulty. First, simple words like 'dancing' or 'crying' and then more complex, like 'studying in my room', 'waiting for the bus'. I also added a round which was describe a movie in English, which the class has to guess. This has a lot of potential, but people cheated a lot in my class (mostly by using gestures). Remember to put the actions and movies on cards beforehand, to make it better.

- Twister. Marginally to do with English, but fun. We used cardboard to make the board, and cur up erasers for the dice (spinning wheel) but I'm going to go out and by some plastic for my class here, as cardboard gets dirty quickly.

- Putting emotion into sentences. Write three-four neutral sentences on the board, and explain what they mean. Write different emotions onto cards (e.g. happy, sad, excited, afraid). Students have to convey the emotions while their team guesses. This is quite embarrassing at the start, so do a few yourself, and help them get into it.

- Who am I? - Tape signs to the back of each participant, that state a famous identity. Students have to ask questions like 'am I an actor', 'Am I old' to work out who they are. It may work better with groups of ten than whole class sizes.

Karaoke - massive hit. Here are the karoake files to download:

Jeapardy - not as much of a hit, but it looks cool, and the questions can be easilt modified. Check it out. - Download here: Download Art Jeopardy 1.ppt for free on

Music Challenge - they have to guess the song, and for more points, sing the song. Your music - savvy students will run away with this one, but it's pretty fun, and easily adaptible. Download here:

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