Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Couple of Lessons I liked

- I showed this video, twice, to a tercero class. The first time with english subtitles, after which we just reconstructed the story, and the second time with spanish, after which we discussed it. It's good for class, because it's only 25 minutes long, but interesting (it won an oscar). The humour's quite deadpan, so for people who don't get it it's very depressing. Ask me where I downloaded it if you want, and also where I downloaded the subtitles. One class liked the film a lot, the other found it a bit boring.

- I played La Escondida (Hide and Seek) outside with the students, and then, afterwards asked them where they were hiding. This is not a lesson infused with learning, granted, but it's fun, and they learn words like 'behind', 'near' and 'in'.

- Divide class into groups of two or three. Give each group a sheet of paper and ask them to entitle it 'a story'. The then write two sentences, and fold the paper so only one sentence is visible, and hand it to the next group. This is then repeated and till you want to stop. At the end of the lesson, unfold the page and read the whole story. This works if you want to do storytelling but students baulk at writing a whole story by themselves.

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