Thursday, August 19, 2010

Target Sounds

Hey guys,
this is an activity i got of there it is called soundswatter (but I unsed paper made 2 colored balls rather than fly swatters):

Split the calss into 2 groups and have them sit in huddled groups int he back of the class. Have them send up one volunteer to be the "thrower."

The two "throwers" stand at an equal distance from the white board with small colored ball in hand.

I write two words on the baord and put a circle around the word (the targets). These two words rhyme and or start with difficlut sounds to pronounce i.e. "lice" and "rice".

with the "throwers" facing the white board and targets, i write one of the two target words on a piece of paper and show the teams (big enough so they can see it). the teams job is to shout the word as clearly as possible so their "thrower" can hit the target word first.

this activity works really well for high energy classes and pronunciation.


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